MBC buys 14 Calrec consoles

Calrec Audio has sold 14 audio consoles to South Korean broadcaster MBC in its biggest single sale ever. MBC purchased a variety of consoles, ranging from a 64-fader Apollo to a 24-fader Artemis Light, to be used for TV, radio, and outside broadcast productions for stations throughout the network. MBC made the purchase as part of its move to a new, purpose-built facility.

"The technical merit of the consoles was the reason MBC chose to buy mainly from Calrec," said Mr. Chang, CEO, AVIX Tech, Calrec’s South Korean distributor. "Many Korean broadcasters have watched MBC’s investment in Calrec consoles with a good deal of interest. We believe that this sale will influence other broadcasters and help change the way they purchase broadcast audio consoles. We hope they gradually move away from focusing entirely on price and instead look at better-qualified equipment."

"MBC is the oldest and one of the four major national broadcasting networks in South Korea, so we anticipate others will pay close attention to the decisions it makes about its equipment," said Graham Murray, regional sales director, APAC, Calrec Audio. "As other broadcasters visit the facilities, hear that MBC is satisfied with the systems, and see the quality of the broadcasts, they will be more inclined to purchase Calrec desks for their own facilities."

Calrec and regional distribution partner AVIX Tech cooperated closely on the proposal, with AVIX Tech handling the sale, installation, training, and support. Commissioning is scheduled to start this month.