Midas Neutron-NB network bridge expansion module now shipping

Midas has announced that its Neutron-NB network bridge expansion module – compatible with the Neutron audio system engine for the Pro X digital console – is now available for shipping.

The network bridge delivers a multi-channel interface between two third party digital audio networks and point-to-point interfaces. Users can interface up to 64 additional bidirectional channels between two independently clocked domains, which can operate at different sample rates.

Featuring a 10 port AES50 interface, the Neutron-NB provides an additional 240 bidirectional channels at 96 kHz sample rate. These AES50 ports can be freely routed to provide further network expansion for the Neutron audio system engine.

With two industry-standard expansion slots on the module, digital audio networking technologies from Klark Teknik are available via additional network modules such as KT-AES50, KT-DANTE64, KT-MADI and KT-USB.

The Neutron-NB Network Bridge is available at a suggested list price of US$ 3,449 and is covered by MUSIC’s 3-Year limited warranty programme.