Midas reveals new PRO1, PRO2 console firmware

New version G3.2.1 firmware for Midas’ PRO1 and PRO2 digital mixer consoles is now available.

G3.2.1 brings a whole host of new features, as well as a series of updates to ‘guarantee a more satisfying user experience,’ Midas says.

The new upgrade for the PRO1 and PRO2 – both equipped with built-in DPS and Midas mic preamps, and designed to be lightweight, versatile and easy to use – replaces G2.5.3, and brings with it a number of benefits, according to the manufacturer.

For example, in VCA/POP group user mode, users can now reorder channels within a group, while G3.2.1 also introduces a Spectrum Analyser and Loudspeaker Processor built in. The DL231 MIDI ports are now active, and a new effects automation ‘safe button’ is in place (in GUI). Users can now easily connect second ports to DL151/DL153 devices, and turn off bulkhead fans with auto on for temperature-sensitive diagnostic purposes thanks to the new upgrade too.

“Enhancing the user experience is – and always will be – our number one goal,” stated Music Group’s Pete Sadler, AVP, Software. “Our new version G3.2.1 firmware gives the audio engineer a powerful new set of tools, and provides a significant enhancement to the application’s already spectacular feature set – and this is just the beginning.”