MusicTribe and Behringer donate synths to disadvantaged children

Audio equipment brand Behringer and parent company MusicTribe is donating 1,510 synthesizers to disadvantaged children and teenagers around the world. 

Each of the new MS-1 synths is also shipped with a pair of headphones, with 600 units going to South American, 400 to Europe and 160 to Africa, reports AskAudio.

A further 350 units have been split between other countries including Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Japan and Indonesia.

The equipment was donated through a group of carefully selected charities around the globe, including including Music For Life Africa Foundation, Save The Music (USA) and Music For All (UK).

The company told AskAudio that the Founder and CEO Uli Behringer thought up the initiative with the aim of providing instruments to disadvantaged youngsters in remote areas that never usually receive any free equipment.  

As well as donating the instruments, MusicTribe and Behringer are covering all shipping costs and local fees so that the equipment remains 100% free to the recipients. 

“We are committed to continue our Music Tribe Charity projects and support the purpose of empowering less fortunate children through musical education,” said the company on its website.

Founded in 1989, Behringer is well known for releasing synthesizers and other audio equipment at budget prices.