NAMM 2014: New JBL subwoofer

JBL Professional has introduced the LSR310S powered studio subwoofer optimised for use with JBL 3 Series studio monitors. Rounding out the 3 Series line, the LSR310S subwoofer extends the low-frequency response of the system into the 20Hz range.

Driven by an integrated 200W Class D power amplifier, a new 10in high excursion woofer works in concert with JBL’s Slip Stream Port, delivering low-frequency response below 27Hz, with peak output of 113dB SPL.

The LSR310S features balanced XLR and ¼in inputs, a selectable input sensitivity switch, and three crossover settings: 80Hz, XLF, and External. The 80Hz setting implements high and low pass filters to create a blend of the LSR310S with JBL’s LSR305 or LSR308 studio monitors or models from other manufacturers. The external setting bypasses all filtering, allowing use of an external crossover. The special XLF setting activates a 120Hz High Pass Filter in conjunction with a low frequency tuning that approximates the tuning used in club playback systems. Using this setting, the bass output more than doubles and the newly developed woofer/amp combination with protective limiting allows the 310S to produce extended bass output.

“With the addition of the LSR310S Sub, we are able to offer a complete full range system with impressive detail, accuracy and low frequency performance at a price within reach of any studio,” said Peter Chaikin, senior manager recording and broadcast marketing, JBL Professional. “The new XLF setting will be a welcome plus for producers of hip-hop and dance music, conveniently bringing the sound of the club to the control room,” Chaikin added.

The LSR310S will ship in January 2014.