NAMM 2017: RME launching Fireface UFX II

RME have announced the launch of the new Fireface UFX II audio interface, which will be shown first at NAMM ’17 in California next week.

The Fireface UFX II combines flexible recording and playback operation with RME’s low-latency hardware and drivers.

RME’s DURec (Direct USB Recording) function and TotalMix FX mixing and routing software deliver a comprehensive set of features designed to appeal to both professional recording engineers and high end home studio users.

With 60 channels of audio (30 inputs and 30 outputs) and support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, the Fireface UFX II is ideally suited for a variety of pro audio applications such as recording, mixing, monitoring and live performance.

The analogue and digital connectivity includes 12 analogue inputs and 12 analogue outputs; 2x ADAT I/O for expanding the Fireface UFX II’s analogue I/O up to a further 16 channels; two channels of AES or SPDIF, plus WordClock on BNC connections. All channels can be used for recording and playback simultaneously.

The Fireface UFX II’s USB 2.0 connection allows it to be connected to a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac and Linux-based systems. It can also integrate with RME’s optional ARC (Advanced Remote Control) USB remote controller.

The RME Fireface UFX II features the German manufacturer’s latest high-end AD/DA converters, optimised analogue I/O circuits and improved SNR and THD values. The newly designed PAD-free mic circuit design, with +18 dBu maximum input level and 75 dB gain range, delivers trouble-free operation for the most demanding of recording situations. The high-power onboard headphone outputs (2 Ohms) feature +19 dBu maximum output level, providing ample output power and volume to both high and low impedance headphones.

Additionally, the DURec (Direct USB Recording) function via the USB port on the front of the interface allows for recording and playback of all inputs and outputs directly to USB memory devices such as USB thumb drives or hard drives.

The RME Fireface UFX II audio interface is expected to be available from the first quarter of 2017.