New Mackie products launched

Mackie has announced three product series, including additional loudspeakers to its SRM line (pictured), improved mixers and new MRmk3 studio monitors.

To its SRM powered loudspeaker line, Mackie has introduced three 1,600W models featuring custom transducers within internally-braced all-wood cabinets. There are two high-output full-range models – the 12in SRM550 and 15in SRM650 – plus the SRM1850 18in powered subwoofer, all of which are available in September 2013.

SRM features Mackie High Definition Audio Processing including acoustic correction DSP plus system optimisation tools like application-specific speaker modes and a feedback destroyer. SRM’s integrated two-channel mixer with Mackie Wide-Z inputs can handle any signal.

The new VLZ4 line analogue compact mixers include Mackie’s Onyx preamps and deliver high-headroom, low-noise analogue mixer design. The eight VLZ4 mixers replace the VLZ3 models. The VLZ4 line includes models ranging from the desktop 402VLZ4 to a choice of four-bus effects mixers perfect for touring live sound work.

VLZ4 models feature custom op-amps and negative summing bus architecture, a solid steel wraparound chassis and grime-resistant sealed rotary pots.

The new mixers will be available in August 2013.

The MRmk3 Powered Studio Monitor line replaces the previous generation of monitors with the MR5mk3 and MR8mk3, and expands the range with the 6.5in MR6mk3 full-range monitor and MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer.

A newly-designed minimum-diffraction waveguide provides transition from highs to lows, and also creates a wider sweet spot and an open feel. All MRmk3 cabinets are rear ported and packed with acoustic absorption material. The low frequencies can be boosted by up to 4dB and the highs can be both cut and boosted.

The MRmk3 Series also includes the MR10Smk3 Powered Subwoofer. The low-profile enclosure is rear-ported and features vibration-absorbing rubber feet. Optimising features include an adjustable crossover plus a polarity switch.

The new studio monitors will be available in August 2013.