New Mobius Filter plug-in from iZotope

iZotope, manufacturer of multiple software tools for audio production, is announcing the release of Mobius Filter, a new effect plug-in designed to ‘create the sensation of infinite movement.’

Based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard Tone, the filters within Mobius Filter ‘appear to defy logic,’ iZotope says, producing perpetually rising or falling effects that can be easily manipulated with an X/Y pad.

According to the company, the ever-ascending or descending results bring impact to a track: as an intensifying build-up to a chorus or drop, or as a creative effect on individual tracks and instruments. Music producers can turn to Mobius Filter as an alternative to a standard flanger or phaser, the antidote to a lackluster bridge or arrangement, or as the spark for psychotropic sonic textures.

Early fans include renowned music producer/mixer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli (U2, The White Stripes, Spoon, The Shins), who said: "I’m loving this – I’ve been using it on guitars, keys and drums. It’s great to have the up/down switch work while the track is playing to change the sweep. It’s a no-brainer filter…very cool!"

"Our goal was to make Mobius Filter a joy to play with," added Izzy Maxwell, iZotope product manager. "As you experiment with the controls, you start to realise how powerful directional motion can be, and how strongly it influences the mood and vibe of your track. Mobius Filter and its experience of ‘infinite motion’ offer up a modern tool for expressiveness, unlocking a new level of emotional control."

Mobius Filter also allows users to:

  • Achieve a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion by adjusting the host tempo sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars
  • Generate an immersive environment with the Stereo slider, which widens the stereo field
  • Create a static filter effect by pausing the filter motion with the Pause function. Or, pause it when it feels right and then automate it to create custom sweeps

The new plug-in is available to download now for £32.95 or €51.95.