New Series From EV

Electro-Voice has launched the new ZLX loudspeaker series, which comprises two powered models, ZLX-12P and ZLX-15P, and their passive counterparts, ZLX-12 and ZLX-15. They are equipped in each case with 12-inch and 15-inch woofers, respectively, a 1.5-inch titanium HF driver, and in the case of the powered models, a 1000W (peak) Class-D power amplifier. The design includes a patented ‘split baffle’ which offers improved acoustic dispersion.

The company also announced that its Sx600, EVF, EVH and ZXi models have been certified to conform with EU standard EN 54-24, the new standard stipulating the required specifications, test procedures and performance criteria for passive loudspeakers used in voice alarm systems.