New Standard Audio 500-series multi-band dynamics module

Standard Audio and KMR Audio have introduced the Standard Audio Stretch, a brand new multi-band dynamics module for the 500-series format.

Following on from the Level-Or 500-series compressor (itself a 500 series recreation of the classic Level-Loc), Standard Audio has released the Stretch, which takes its inspiration from various noise reduction units from the 1970s and 1980s when in ‘encode’ mode. Stretch allows you to use the four separate frequency bands configured in seven different combinations, which are accessible via the Filter/Compression push-button. A Mix Control allows for parallel processing by re-injecting the unprocessed signal back in and varying the levels.

The Stretch can inject life and depth in an engaging way that EQ and compression alone cannot replicate.

The Standard Audio Stretch is available to purchase in the UK and Germany from KMR Audio.