Next Gen’… Squared

Lawo’s big news at the IBC exhibition 2012 was the debut of its second generation mc256 production console.

Featuring cross-platform compatibility with its two larger mc2 Series siblings (mc266) the new console introduces new features aimed at streamlining workflow efficiencies.90 and mc2

Among the mc256’s new features is real, two-man operation with fully de-centralised control of all parameters including bank and layer selection, EQ, dynamics, and buss assignment. The new mc256 also offers improved ergonomics including expanded and simplified touch operation. Other new features include button-glow colour-coding the channel strips, Illuminated rotary knobs, permanent metering of the 16 central faders, and local I/Os.

I’m confident this new console will be well received by all who sit down at the controls.” The mc256 is available in frame sizes from 16 to 80 faders.

The mc256 provides full support of RAVENNA technology for real time processing of audio signals in IP-based networked environments and also offers a wealth of DSP power, with support for upwards of 888 channels. There is full support for Lawo’s Loudness metering functionality.

In the company’s press release, Christian Struck (Product Manager, mc2 series) notes: “This desk represents an ideal mixing environment for a wide range of mission critical audio applications.