Nugen Audio announces Loudness Toolkit update

Nugen Audio has released Loudness Toolkit 2, an upgrade for the company’s loudness measurement and correction suite.

Developed in consultation with the post-production community, the Loudness Toolkit 2 includes the VisLM-H meter, LM-Correct quick-fix tool and ISL true peak limiter, and will feature updates designed to streamline workflow for NLE and DAW users. Nugen Audio is also making its DynApt dynamic adaptation technology available as an extension for LM-Correct, enabling streamlined LRA targeting.

"Nugen Audio’s Loudness Toolkit has been widely accepted as a standard for workstation-based loudness metering and correction throughout the film and television industry. With this latest release, we’ll provide new and radical time-saving workflow enhancements and broader industry standard compliance," said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director at Nugen Audio. "Also, the new DynApt extension for LM Correct will bring the huge time-saving benefit of automated dialog clarity preservation to every seat and will make it easier than ever before to repurpose audio dynamics for a specific playout LRA target, such as TV, radio, internet streaming, or podcast."

Loudness Toolkit 2 includes the following enhancements to the VisLM-H visual loudness meter:

•A Timecode and Loudness Profile Memory Function that tracks and retains the timecode and loudness profile.

•A Program Loudness Over-dub Mode which memorises the program loudness profile, integrating them automatically to provide accurate program loudness readings on the fly.

•New zoomable and scrollable history and log file capabilities.

•A fully resizable and configurable interface.

In addition, the Loudness Toolkit 2 includes these improvements to the ISL Inter Sample Limiter:

•An Intelligent Dynamic Release Mode to enhance algorithm transparency by automatically adjusting to program content in real time.

•User interface workflow and display enhancements, including waveform visualisation and new readouts that indicate surround ducking and steering.

•Variable Center Channel link settings including new controls to tame steering and ducking and prevent the center channel from driving side channel behavior unpredictably.

In the Loudness Toolkit 2, Nugen Audio’s LM-Correct loudness measurement and correction tool has been given a number of upgrades:

•Single-click analysis and correction, executing loudness analysis and correction at up to 100 times real time.

•Combined program and short-term or momentary loudness correction that enables compliance with new regulations, including the recent supplement for short-form content creations (EBU R128 S1).

•A new LRA targeting option to automatically adjust audio to meet specific LRA targets.

Supported plug-in formats for VisLM-H and ISL include AAX, RTAS, VST2, VST3, and AU. VisLM-H and LM-Correct are also available as stand-alone products and as Avid Audio suite plug-ins.

The Nugen Audio Loudness Toolkit 2 will be available in April 2015.