Nugen Audio helps NFTS achieve consistent mix levels

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is relying on Nugen Audio’s Loudness Toolkit (VisLM, ISL and LM-Correct) to help educate students to have an organic relationship with sound and deliver mixes in compliance with today’s various output formats.

One of the world’s leading film, TV and game sound design schools, NFTS provides practical tuition across its postgraduate courses including sound design and composing.

Nugen’s loudness solutions provide students with software that ensures consistent and compliant loudness for TV and online projects. Students use VisLM when making TV mixes to ensure they have consistent dialogue and hit the appropriate delivery specifications of the TV production.

“We don’t want to distract our students from telling stories, and at the same time we want them to learn how to use the modern tools necessary for their craft and feel at ease with them,” said Jeremy Rodeschini, senior supervising engineer at NFTS. “Nugen Audio’s solutions are the industry standard for measuring loudness. Its products allow our students to experience the most advanced, relevant solutions on the market for audio measurement, analysis and correction.”

When making adjustments to their final TV and online mixes, both ISL and the LM-Correct allow the students to modify the audio as needed. With transparent True Peak limiting, ISL allows students to guarantee True Peak compliance, while LM-Correct provides quick check analysis and correction for identifying and fixing last-minute mistakes.

“When making mixes for YouTube and other online platforms, we restrict the dynamic range while mixing, which sometimes requires an extra overall boost or attention to make it consistent with the rest of our online deliverables,” added Rodeschini. “LM-Correct can correct these mixes quickly and easily, which is a massive time saver. At NFTS, we like to create a positive work environment for the students to thrive and create.”