Nugen Audio introduces floating license system

Nugen Audio has introduced Site, a new floating license system created to enable faster and smarter license management for enterprise users of the company’s line of audio upmixing and loudness tools.

Designed for customers with ten or more seats, Site leverages server-based licensing technology to streamline and centralise license management across a network. 

"With per-seat licensing to suit networks of any size, Site offers a new level of convenience and efficiency for our enterprise clients," said Jon Schorah, creative director at Nugen Audio. "Site is ideal for film and television operations and educational institutions that currently have to manage and track individual plug-in license codes across the organisation." 

With Site, clients can share licenses of these products across computers, using a networked computer as a central license server to automatically allocate licenses on a per-seat basis when required for a session. As well as offering new levels of efficiency for license administrators, this process is designed to provide a transparent, seamless experience for the end operator.

Multiple users are able to access Nugen Audio licenses simultaneously on any number of workstations. Once a session is closed, the license is automatically returned to the pool of available licenses on the licensing server. 

Nugen will initially make Site available for Halo Upmix, the company’s new stereo-to-5.1/7.1 upmixer; VisLM-H 2 loudness meter; the LM-Correct 2 loudness quick fix tool; ISL 2 true peak limiter and Loudness Toolkit 2. 

‘Floating licenses’ are priced the same for each client as traditional Nugen Audio product licenses. The license server component of the Site system is available immediately from Nugen Audio and its system integrators for $500.