Ofcom responds to recent controversy

Ofcom has offered a response to the outrage caused last week by claims that contractor Equiniti is selling equipment into the spectrum, which taxpayers paid them to clear.

In light of last weeks reports that Equiniti was also preparing to release up to 80,000 channels for use in the UK spectrum, an Ofcom spokesperson offered the following statement: “Following a competitive procurement process, Ofcom appointed Equiniti to manage the Government funding programme to replace channel 69 wireless equipment which is being cleared from this part of the 800 MHz band for future mobile services.

“The majority of any proceeds from sales of equipment is used to offset the cost of the funding scheme, therefore reducing the burden on taxpayers. Any items that are sold are done so clearly on the condition that by 1 October 2012 any UK purchasers either dispose of the equipment under European Waste Electrical and Equipment (WEEE) Directive regulations or convert it to use Channel 38.” 

In an announcement made back in August, Ofcom attempted to explain how a government funding package for wireless microphone users would work.

Please click here to read the Ofcom announcement in full.