Peavey XR-AT mixer now available

Peavey Electronics has revealed that its new XR-AT powered mixer is available immediately.

The manufacturer says it strives to set a new standard in compact, powerful audio solutions with the XR-AT.

The product incorporates a nine-channel mixer and 1,000 Watts of power (1,500 Watts peak) into a unique, portable design. For the first time ever, the mixer also includes Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction technology.

Designed for use in small to medium sized venues, the XR-AT comes equipped with on-board digital effects and features such as MidMorph and FLS–Peavey’s exclusive Feedback Locating System.

Additionally, the mixer includes Peavey’s KOSMOS bass enhancement that adds low-end response and increases high-end clarity. The mixer also features Bluetooth connectivity for audio playback from any Bluetooth-equipped smart device or USB ‘jump drive.’

There is also an assignable Main/Main or Main/Monitor power amplifier with four twist-lock combination outputs including a subwoofer line output with analogue record output capability, as well as eight combination XLR 1/4in inputs and input pads. The on-board LCD displays the mp3 file name, play information, setup information for the Auto-Tune feature, and selected effects.

Seven channels with individual compression capability allow users to dial in the optimum level regardless of the source, making the XR-AT highly adaptable in live settings. Users can also expect dual nine-band graphic EQs with FLS, monitor send and selectable EQ.

Peavey’s Courtland Gray commented: “We are very excited to get the XR-AT out to our customers. This unit has the tools any artist or band needs to help take their careers to the next level.”

The XR-AT comes in at a US retail price of $999.99.