Pioneer presents SE-MASTER1 headphones

Pioneer and Onkyo Europe have announced the introduction of the SE-MASTER1 flagship headphones, suitable for recording, mixing and mastering in professional studio environments.

The SE-MASTER1 is crafted using super duralumin and aluminium, incorporated with soft leather made in Japan. Each unit is handmade by a single certified craftsman in Tohoku Pioneer’s Tendo factory in Japan, and all will be engraved with its own serial number.

The core of the SE-MASTER1 is its 50 mm driver units with a 25 µm aluminium diaphragm, which is finished with PCC (Parker Ceramic Coating) – a special surface treatment that pushes the performance of the aluminium diaphragms, which is especially advantageous for high frequencies. The SE-MASTER1 is the first headphone in the world to get the PCC treatment. In addition, a PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) compounding material is used to reduce distortion and achieve a smoother sound quality. The magnetic forces offer ‘excellent transient characteristics’, and the headphones are capable of reproducing audio of up to 85,000 Hz.

The SE-MASTER1’s housing is made of a rigid aluminium alloy and has a specially designed low resonance structure, making sure that unwanted vibrations cannot interfere with the music. This is achieved by the use of a floating structure and a full basket system. Rubber is inserted in the links between the base, housing and hanger parts to prevent vibrations and interference. This floating structure also improves separation between left and right to deliver an enhanced soundstage.

It also features the industry’s first detachable lateral pressure rods, which enable the user to choose their preferred headband tension for ‘superb’ sound isolation and comfort over long listening periods.

The wide, suede-feel head cushion can be adjusted to 14 different positions, while proprietary three dimensional ear pads adapt to fit the listener’s head thanks to a design using two thicknesses of memory foam – thin at the front and thick at the back. The ear cups are covered with a soft leather-type material and the headband and hanger parts use a super duralumin alloy.

They come equipped with a tangle-free cord with detachable MMCX connector so the cord can be replaced.

“To say that we are proud to present these reference grade headphones to the world is truly an understatement," said Geoff Loveday, product executive at Pioneer. "In the pursuit of an enriched musical experience, we designed and engineered these headphones with a focus on technical supremacy and purity in sound and design. We poured our advanced technological know-how into every step of the journey – from design to production and quality control– so your headphones deliver excellence without compromise.”