PLASA: Source to debut PreSonus products

Source Distribution has chosen next month’s PLASA show at ExCeL as the UK debut for the new PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI digital mixer and StudioLive AI series three-way active PA loudspeakers, all of which are shipping in Q4 of this year. The StudioLive 32.4.2AI is the flagship model in the new Active Integration series of PreSonus mixers (with 24 and 16 channel models shipping later this year) and it holds more processing power than the first generation StudioLive mixers. Active Integration is a hardware/software ecosystem that provides the 32.4.2AI with 64 times the processing power and 10,000 times more RAM than the previous StudioLive 24.4.2, giving the 32.4.2AI an extended feature set, including twice as many internal effects buses and the ability to create two complete sets of EQ and dynamics settings for a channel and then A/B them for comparison.

The 32.4.2AI also offers Burr-Brown A/D/A converters and new DSP architecture based on the 64-bit Studio One audio engine. DSP performance; Wi-Fi and LAN communication; an onboard FireWire s800 interface; and a software suite for Mac, Windows, and iOS create a working environment for both live and studio use.

The StudioLive AI series Active Integration PA active loudspeakers deliver studio-monitor accuracy onstage, and are equipped with wireless or wired remote control and monitoring using iPad or laptop. Designed in conjunction with Fulcrum Acoustics’ co-founder Dave Gunness, the full-range AI-series loudspeakers are available in three configurations – the 312AI, 328AI and 315AI. Each of these configurations shares the same custom-designed CoActual 8in coaxial speaker with a 1.75in titanium compression driver to reproduce the mid and high frequencies, with tri-amplified, Class D power amps delivering a combined 2,000 watts of power. The 312AI comes equipped with a 12in ferrite LF driver, the 328AI employs dual 8-inch LF drivers, and the 315AI boasts a 15in LF driver for extended low-end response. Additionally, the 1,000W StudioLive 18sAI powered subwoofer is designed to complement the full-range StudioLive AI speakers while still being flexible enough to work with other powered loudspeakers.

All StudioLive AI-series speakers feature custom Fulcrum Acoustics’ TQ Temporal Equalization algorithms to eliminate horn reflections and correct linear time and amplitude anomalies, and PreSonus software designers have incorporated these TQ algorithms with dynamics processing, FFT tools and performance monitoring into the speaker’s onboard DSP.

The PLASA show runs from 6-9 October at London’s ExCel centre, and Source Distribution can be found on Booth E30.