PMC Appoints Planeta Analogico As Its Argentinian Distributor

The UK manufacturer has given the company full responsibility for representing its professional range of monitoring products.

UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has appointed Planeta Analogico as its distributor in Argentina, with responsibility for its range of professional monitoring products.

Based in Buenos Aires, Planeta Analogico was established in the early 2000’s by CEO and founder Daniel Paracha. The company represents more than 40 high-end pro audio brands including API, Audient, Chandler, Crane Song, Eventide, Maselec, Telefunken and Weiss.

Commenting on the appointment, Daniel Paracha says: “We are delighted to be distributing  PMC as we see a huge potential for the brand in Argentina.

PMC’s result6 near field monitors, along with the PMC6, PMC6-2, PMC8-2 and associated subwoofers, are all products that can open up the market because they are the best professional studio monitors you can buy at this price range. They are perfect ambassadors for the entire PMC professional range, and I can’t wait to introduce them to our customers.

”Dan Zimbleman, PMC’s Senior Export Business Development Manager, adds: “Daniel and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and deliver exceptionally high levels of service to their customers. This matches PMC’s philosophy regarding customer service and we are delighted that a company of this calibre is now representing our professional product range.”

The process of alerting Argentinian audio professionals to PMC has already started, with Planeta Analogico holding product demonstrations at its in-house recording studio. Paracha says reaction to these demos has been very positive and has resulted in immediate sales, including a pair of PMC6 monitors to producer Sebastian De LaRiega who works in the production and TV business. “I also believe there is great potential for PMC products in the Dolby Atmos for Music market, which is gaining a foothold in our country,” Paracha adds. “We are very excited by the quality of PMC products, particularly the Sound Align control software and the clever way it can be connected to set up each system. This really makes a difference.”