Polaris Shines For Stagetec

Two products will debut in the UK on the Aspen Media stand at the BVE show in London, from 26th-28th February. The Stagetec Polaris is a flexible modular mixer, with a touch screen technology plus some hardware controls. The basic module has a touch screen and 16 dual concentric rotaries; while the fader module has 12 motorised faders and automation control. A fader expansion module is available with a further 16 faders. The touch ‘keys’ are based on clear graphical representations, with anything not needed for the parameter being worked on hidden by the system. The console features a Nexus audio routing system.

Also in the UK for the first time is Jünger Audio’s M*AP, an eight channel monitoring controller and loudness management system built for quality and compliance checking of stereo or 5.1 to EBU R128 specifications. M*AP can also generate a two-channel downmix from a 5.1 programme for stereo compatibility checking.