powersoft dynamic music distribution

Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution rolled out for system integrators

Italian amplification specialist Powersoft is rolling out Dynamic Music Distribution, a new technology that allows system integrators to scale inputs and zones with the dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its fixed install amplifier platforms. 

Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution is designed to simplify the process of sharing variable music sources locally and/or between different zones in small/medium-sized venues independently from the source location, and carry control signals in an automated fashion – all without the need of a centralised DSP. As such, all inputs can be shared over the network as Dante signal.

User interfaces will enable integrators to obtain control of the entire system in background and foreground dynamic music distribution applications. This functionality is especially suited to bars and restaurants, hospitality, retail, and fitness applications. 

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The Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution functionality also allows system integrators to replace most of the outboard required to manage, shape, and share audio sources throughout the various zones in a variety of dynamic music distribution applications by merging a routing matrix, networking capabilities, and digital signal processing between multiple amplifiers in different locations. 

A series of dynamic music distribution system launch events will take place on Thursday 18th March at 9am (CEST), 3pm (CEST), and 8pm (CEST).

To register for the event, please visit: https://bit.ly/3sTk60E

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