PreSonus ULT-series speakers now available

PreSonus is now shipping its new ULT-series active loudspeakers, which are designed to combine ‘the widest horizontal dispersion of any loudspeaker in their class with a focused vertical dispersion for an ultra-long throw.’

Created for both mobile use and permanent installations by PreSonus’ WorxAudio commercial loudspeaker division, the series comprises the ULT12 and ULT15 full-range systems and the ULT18 subwoofer.

The full-range ULT12 and ULT15 feature the manufacturer’s rotatable Pivot X110 horn and a 12/15in, low-frequency driver with a 2.5in voice coil. Both speakers are biamped and driven by a powerful 1,300W (peak) Class D amplifier. The ULT12 generates up to 132 dB SPL, and the ULT15 delivers up to 136 dB SPL.

A Pivot X110 constant-directivity, rotatable horn ensures ultra-wide horizontal coverage (110°) with focused vertical dispersion (50°) for ‘superior throw.’ The result is a loudspeaker designed to fill the room without introducing early reflections that muddy the sound. In addition, the Pivot X110 horn’s large size (11 x 11in) enables it to control the dispersion pattern lower in the frequency range than smaller conventional horns, so it maintains more consistent gain on- and off-axis – meaning the audience at the sides has the same listening experience as those in front – according to PreSonus.

There are also two combo XLR and 0.25in TRS inputs: a mic/line input with PreSonus’ XMAX mic preamp and a line-level-only input. The inputs have independent level control, allowing up to two audio sources to be mixed internally and summed to a balanced XLR output for daisy-chaining multiple units. A separate direct output for the line input channel provides additional flexibility.

The ULT18 subwoofer is driven by 2,000W (peak) Class D power and uses a direct radiating, ported enclosure. A proprietary 18in low-frequency transducer with a 4in voice coil provides 7mm of driver travel before over-excursion to push more air and bring more ‘thump.’ A variable lowpass filter allows the user to customise the crossover transition between the ULT18 and the full range loudspeakers. With a rugged, tour-grade enclosure and stereo combo XLR and 0.25in inputs with direct outputs, the ULT18 is equipped for a variety of mobile and install applications.

All ULT loudspeakers feature lightweight, Baltic birch enclosures with a powder-coated steel grille, ergonomic handles, a locking IEC power connector, and a defeatable front-panel power-indicator LED. The ULT12 and ULT15 offer multi-angle enclosures for use as mains or monitor wedges.

The ULT series is available immediately from PreSonus dealers at the following expected US street prices: ULT12 $999.95; ULT15 $1,099.95; and ULT18 $1,299.95.