Primacoustic unveils updated VoxGuard VU

Primacoustic has announced the VoxGuard VU, an update to its popular nearfield absorber that features a window to improve sight lines between a vocalist/musician and recording engineer/producer.

"The VoxGuard is one of the most popular products in our line of Iso-Tools,” said Primacoustic’s Jay Porter. “With thousands shipped world-wide we heard feedback from customers who suggested the inclusion of a viewing window would allow for eye contact and improve the recording experience. This simple solution can now be found on the new models that begin shipping this month."

Re-named the VoxGuard VU, the improved product features a 3in x 7in window but retains all of the benefits of acoustic isolation for use in a recording studio. The lightweight design also makes it an ideal tool for mobile recording.

The VoxGuard VU’s high impact ABS outer shell is designed to keep unwanted noise out with innovative slotted ports preventing excess bass buildup, while simple mounting hardware and a rear access cable port allows any hand held or studio microphone to be articulated and directed at a specific source.