Production Bundle Version 2 launched by Metric Halo

Metric Halo has launched version 2 of its Production Bundle plug-ins. The comprehensive set of tools includes eight plug-ins; starting with the ChannelStrip, the Production Bundle adds TransientControl, Character, HaloVerb, Dirty Delay, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Expander and the Precision DeEsser.

A new offering included in the bundle is the MH Dirty Delay. Dirty Delay is a visceral, gritty musical feedback delay processor with integrated Character and filters in the delay path, capable of vintage echo and tape-delay style sounds as well as lush and subtle spaces in a mix for a more “real” sounding alternative to in-the-box processors.

Also provided with this release are VST versions of the plug-ins for both Mac and Windows, in addition to the previously supported Pro Tools AAX on Mac and Windows, and Audio Units on Mac, all with support for 32-bit and 64-bit hosts on all platforms. Version 2 also supports both computer-based licensing and optional iLok dongle-based licensing.

With version 2, Multiband Dynamics and Expander add comprehensive band linking controls to allow the user to adjust the overall processing as easily as they can adjust the per-band processing. Character, a new subtle processor, introduces selectable Auto-Drive to the processing, adding the essential Character of a wide variety of analogue devices to the signal. With Auto-Drive enabled, Character is transformed into an effects processor that can add grit and color to tracks – regardless of the input level. Finally, TransientControl adds selectable Auto-Sensitivity making it a much more versatile and user-friendly transient processor. With Auto-Sensitivity, regardless of the signal level, TransientControl can pull out transients and modify the sustain and tail of sounds.