Prolight + Sound 2018: d&b introduces SL-Series, GSL System

D&b audiotechnik has officially launched its new SL-Series, GSL loudspeaker system at Prolight + Sound 2018.

According to the company, the product’s four years of development "has seen the introduction of new drivers, clever cabinet geometry and flexible mechanics".

The GSL8 and GSL12 loudspeakers feature 80˚ and 120˚ horizontal dispersion respectively.

Each loudspeaker is driven in 2-way active mode by the d&b D80 amplifier: one channel powers the 14” drivers, with all other components passively crossed over and powered by a second channel.

The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB complement the low end with two forward facing 21” drivers and a single, rear facing 21” driver delivering the cardioid dispersion. The SL-SUB can be flown, while the SL-GSUB is designed for ground stacked applications.

Completing the comprehensive package, the SL-Series brings a patented combination of tension and compression modes and procedures to the d&b three-point rigging. The compression mode enables a straight array to be flown from the Touring carts, and a hoist or hand winch then curves the array to the defined splay angles. Designed to fit within standard shipping container and truck sizes, touring carts with covers transport four GSL8 or GSL12 loudspeakers, or three SL subwoofers.

The touring rack assembly housing six D80 amplifiers also contains a DS10 Audio network bridge, the MC24 multicore system and provides PoE for the d&b ArraySight inclinometer. This also sends temperature and humidity information to the R1 Remote control software using the OCA/AES70 protocol.

Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer (pictured, left) from d&b product management said: “We listened carefully to what people using systems said, as well as noting what they did with them. We then coupled this with our own experiences to arrive at a vision of what a future system should achieve. To hit those exacting targets, we first thought the entire d&b architecture would be turned on its head, but Matthias Christner and his R&D team methodically worked through the technical challenges. They found clever solutions to deliver the performance targets, still aligned with the established d&b approach. Now we are listening to the results, enjoying the experiences and very proud of the achievement.”

Matthias Christner, head of R&D acoustics (pictured, right) at d&b, said: “The GSL System is the result of finding solutions to many challenges. Particularly in creating accurate directivity performance right down to the lowest frequencies and delivering such power from a loudspeaker weighing only 80kg, while still maintaining the all-important architecture. With GSL, we have delivered this and more, yet it is comfortable and familiar for all those used to the d&b workflow.”

d&b CEO Amnon Harman added: “The GSL System echoes the spirit that has always driven d&b forward. Taking the time to completely understand market demands and requirements, then setting out to find the right audio technology solutions to fit a clear vision of the needs. The determination, commitment and quality demonstrated by the team through the development of the GSL System has been an inspiration to us all. We now look forward to working with our customers to deliver outstanding concert and event experiences to audiences all over the world.”