Prolight + Sound: AKG showcases C7 condenser mic

AKG has unveiled its new C7 reference super-cardioid condenser vocal microphone at Prolight + Sound, which is currently taking place at Messe Frankfurt in Germany.

Featuring a custom-tuned super-cardioid condenser capsule, the C7 provides what AKG describes as ‘studio-quality sound on stage’, while preventing feedback and handling noise and pop noise. In addition, the C7 handles extremely high SPL levels without distortion.

“The C7 microphone is ideal for vocalists seeking an even higher level of performance on stage,” said Noel Larson, retail solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “While it delivers the pure, clear sound of a condenser microphone, it’s designed to prevent feedback, handling and pop noise—making it as easy to use as its dynamic counterparts.”

The C7 is designed to solve many common problems musicians face on stage. First, it prevents feedback—the nightmare of every stage performer—by delivering a ‘perfect’ super-cardioid polar pattern throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

Additionally, the C7 eliminates handling noise through a built-in mechano-pneumatic shock absorption system. The system features a unique rubber layer surrounding the capsule, ensuring that vibrations from the housing are not transferred to the capsule. AKG searched extensively to find the right rubber to meet the specification, ultimately working with a Viennese company to source a patented material with such strong absorptive properties that it lands completely flat when dropped.

Lastly, a multilayer protection system prevents unwanted pop noises. The protection system consists of three layers: the grill, a foam layer behind the grill and a layer of mesh atop the C7 capsule.

Thanks to a robust, zinc-alloy housing with a spring steel grill and 24-carat gold-plated capsule, the C7 microphone is built for durability and longevity.