Prolight + Sound: CADAC debuts CDC six

CADAC has launched its new CDC six digital live sound production console at Prolight + Sound 2015.

The CDC six features ‘the fastest, most intuitive user interface and highest possible audio performance of any audio mixing console available’.

Based around further development of CADAC’s gesture-operation user interface, and the same audio performance and latency of the CDC eight, the CDC six represents is ‘far less menu dependent than other digital consoles’. The traditional fixed physical controls have been replaced by a user interface, accessed via a widescreen 23.5in high definition LCD touch screen with digital encoders to the bottom and the right, while the faders themselves follow the swipe of the screen or scrolling of the channels for control at all times of any combination of inputs, outputs or VCAs displayed on the screen.

CDC six features stereo metering located to the left of each of the 100mm motorised faders, plus an individual full colour OLED display above each fader. The hi-res OLEDs depict the channel name, complete with colour coding, to aid the speed of channel navigation. The OLEDs also denote any VCA assignment of the channel. The additional 6.5 inch LCD touch screen, located to the right of the main screen, provides rapid access to the system controls and automation functions. A 64 input channel, 48 assignable buss design (as Group, Stereo Group, Aux, Stereo Aux or Matrix plus LCR, Monitors and Talkback), with 20 touch sensitive motorised faders, the CDC six features the CADAC mic preamps, matched with the 24-bit / 96 kHz Delta Sigma AD/DA convertors, and sub 0.4 millisecond latency from analogue inputs on stage, through the CDC six, to analogue outputs on stage.

There are four AES3 inputs and 4 AES3 outputs, eight fully assignable mic/line inputs and eight analogue outputs. 4-band fully parametric EQ, 16 stereo on-board effects, dynamics, input and output delays, snapshot automation, 16 VCA groups, with ‘VCA unfold’ navigation, as well as compressor/limiter, 4-band fully parametric and 31-band graphic EQ on all outputs also feature. In addition to which CDC six (as now does CDC eight) comes with an integrated Waves card for Waves MultiRack SoundGrid server. CDC six also ships with CADAC’s Monitor Mode.

Commenting on the most significant aspects of the CDC six from a user’s perspective, CADAC brand manager, Richard Ferriday stated, “The combination of an exceptionally fast and intuitive user interface, legendary CADAC mic-pre’s, state-of-the art DSP and FPGA processing technology, with incredibly low latency, make the CDC six a uniquely compelling proposition for those who do not want to be faced with either audio or creative compromises.”

Pictured: Richard Ferriday showcases the CDC six at the CADAC booth at Prolight + Sound 2015. 

Speaking immediately after the launch, Ferriday said, "We have been overwhelmed by the response of the visitors we have had on the opening day of the show. CDC six has been very well received by the Pro Audio community and, on day one of the show, we have already sold the first production run of this innovative live sound console."