Prolight + Sound: New Nuendo 7 software from Steinberg

Nuendo 7, the latest version of Steinberg’s post-production software, is making its European debut at Prolight + Sound 2015 this week.

First showcased at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC), Nuendo 7 offers a number of new features for the rapidly growing game audio sector, along with enhanced facilities for the post-production industry.

The update introduces further features for TV and film post-production – many as a result of user requests – as well as newly tailored tools for the game production industry.

One notable new feature for the gaming industry is Game Audio Connect, which allows easy and fast transfer of audio assets from Nuendo 7 to Audiokinetic’s Wwise interactive sound engine, saving hours of manual import/export and file location work.

This is complemented by long-requested Render In Place and Render Export functions – the former allowing for rendering a free selection of audio files to a new audio track, while the latter allows the user to quickly export a free selection of audio files to a disk destination, with many individual options for naming conventions and meta data.

Saving a great deal of manual re-editing, another requested feature is ReConforming. This integrated facility allows for automatic re-editing of audio projects according to picture changes. Based on automatic comparison of EDL lists, it enables detailed EDL adaptations according to individual needs, with a preview of the expected reconformed result.

Enhancements for post-production projects include new VCA fader functions tailored to audio post-production workflows. These include VCA fader automation using Nuendo routing operation pattern, independently from linked groups, a Suspend mode and Coalescing, which supports the merge of VCA fader automation with channel-based automation.

Meanwhile, new editing enhancements include 50fps support and new timecode entering scheme, meta data information shown in the infoline/audio events header and automation which follows trimming, preventing spikes and eliminating redundant automation points.

There are also several new additions in Nuendo 7 to assist with day-to-day workflow, such as an updated user interface, with a new workspace organiser for free window placement on any display, a redesigned Track List and Inspector for better readability and a new Rack Zone to the right side of the Project window.

Also provided are a number of new and updated plug-ins, as well as a new plug-in manager which allows users to arrange, sort and group effects/instruments and create plug-in subsets. Meanwhile, faster, simpler handling of content is facilitated by audio track import from other Nuendo projects from within an opened Nuendo project, while improved performance through ASIO-Guard 2 technology delivers vastly improved project loading times and advanced automatic latency management, even on CPU-demanding projects.

Finally, the upgrade offers updated support for Yamaha’s Nuage integrated audio production system and enhanced integration with EuCon-based consoles.

Nuendo 7 will be available in the Summer.