Prolight + Sound: Sennheiser demonstrating AMBEO

Sennheiser will offer an AMBEO 3D audio immersive sound experience to visitors at this year’s Prolight + Sound through a reference setup with Neumann loudspeakers.

The manufacturer’s stand will also provide opportunities to try out Venue Modelling software – which takes 3D audio into the DJ world – and catch a glimpse of Sennheiser’s upcoming virtual reality microphone.

Yet the centrepiece of the Sennheiser and Neumann.Berlin stand is the Sound Experience Room, which offers listening sessions with the Sennheiser HE 1 headphones, AMBEO 3D audio, and stereo and surround-sound demonstrations with Neumann loudspeakers.

As part of the AMBEO demonstrations, tonmeister Gregor Zielinsky will play original 9.1 recordings as well as upmix stereo material generated using his own special algorithm to show the full potential of the reproduction format. His reference set-up consists of Neumann KH 310 at all front positions, KH 120 for the four rear speakers and a KH 870 as a subwoofer.

Musicians can also expect to find a portfolio of wired and wireless microphones from the evolution to the 2000 series on show, while DJs will encounter not only professional headphones like the HD 25, but also demo versions of the Venue Modelling software. This VST plug-in from the “AMBEO 3D audio” programme from Sennheiser features the room characteristics of various clubs – such as Mighty in San Francisco, the Rex Club in Paris or Berghain in Berlin – thus enabling DJs, even at the planning phase, to experience their sets as if they were in the clubs themselves. The sound can be tailored to the room atmosphere, and a growing venue database ensures that the set can be ideally prepared every time. The VST plug-in will be available from December 2016.

Sennheiser will also be cooperating with the DJ Convention, a special show covering an area of around 900 square metres between Halls 5.1 and 6.1 that presents everything that is sure to pique the interest of professional and amateur DJs.

Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at Prolight + Sound, Hall 4.1, Stand D11.