Radial launches new ProMS2 mic splitter

The new made-in-Canada Radial ProMS2 is completely passive and 100 percent discrete to ensure optimal signal flow. The unit features an Eclipse ET-MS10 transformer that is exceptionally linear from 20Hz to 20kHz while exhibiting less than 0.1 percent distortion at 20Hz.

"Radial has been building custom mic splitters and snakes for over 20 years," said Radial Product Manager Steve Hopia. "More recently, the Radial OX8 has gained notoriety as the mic splitter of choice with artists as diverse as Rush and U2 when recording live performances.

"We felt that it was time that we made a single channel version of the OX8 that could be used for general PA applications and installations where high performance is needed at a more affordable price point. The ProMS2 delivers in spades!"

Other features in the ProMS2 include microphone input with -30dB pad to enable extra high-level sources to be used without fear of saturating the transformer.

The box has three outputs: the first is a direct-coupled output that is normally connected to the main FOH PA system mixer and provides a return path for 48 volt phantom should a condenser mic or active DI box be in use. The second is a transformer isolated output that is particularly adept at eliminating the hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Lastly, the third is a direct output with a ground lift switch. This auxiliary output can be used to feed the stage monitors, recording system or remote broadcast truck.

The ProMS2’s heavy-duty 14 gauge steel housing features an internal I-beam frame that is virtually impossible to torque. A unique book-end design creates protective zones around the connectors and switches to further prevent mishap on busy stages. This outer shell can be removed to mount inside the J-Clamp to attach a ProMS2 to a podium, or several may be ganged together and mounted in the J-Rak for multi-channel installations. 

For more information, visit www.Radialeng.com.