Red Hot Chilli Peppers captured by Red TX

Rock legends Red Hot Chilli Peppers recently took to the stage in Cologne, Germany for a special album launch concert, with broadcast specialist Red TX on hand to capture the audio for an international broadcast.

The concert, marking the launch of the band’s latest album I’m With You, was broadcast to 1,500 cinemas across the globe. Production company Splinter selected Red TX to handle the audio component of the project as a result of its good working relationship with the sound specialists. Revered sound engineer and Red TX director Tim Summerhayes worked the desk on board the company’s new RED II truck with the intention of providing a live feed to match the audio quality of the band’s in-studio performance.

“This was a very special performance for everyone involved because it effectively launched the new album to the entire world,” Summerhayes explained. “We worked alongside Andrew Scheps who was a mix engineer on the studio album, while the Red TX team consisted of myself, Ollie Nesham and Mike Silverston. Everything was done digitally throughout with the final uplink to the world handled by Chris Bretnall from Creative Broadcast Solutions, who worked closely with the chaps from the Cinevideogroep from Holland. So we had participation from Holland, Germany, England and America – a truly international effort.”

Splinter’s Emer Patten said the filming and live broadcast of the concert was both “triumphant and beautiful.”

“Everyone who took part worked incredibly hard and their dedication and willingness to engage in the spirit of the event resulted in an amazing film created under very tough conditions,” Patten commented. “We have worked with Red TX many times in the past and once again they produced stunning results. It was a complex project but Tim and his team handled it brilliantly. As a result of everyone’s efforts, Splinter now has some very happy clients.”