RØDE releases array of new broadcast gear

RØDE launched a range of new products on the HHB Communications stand at IBC, including various microphones, a digital interface, new wireless audio kit and two boom poles.

Firstly, RØDE’s unveiled two new models in the VideoMic on-camera microphone range – the VideoMicro and VideoMic Me.

Measuring 80mm long, the VideoMicro (main picture) is a small, lightweight on-camera microphone designed for use on compact cameras. A directional microphone, it reduces distracting peripheral sounds and focuses on the audio in front of the camera. According to the manufacturer, its pickup is more forgiving than RØDE’s other on-camera microphones, providing a more natural sound when recording indoors.

Included with the VideoMicro is a camera shoe mount with Rycote Lyre shock mount. Featuring a suspension structure composed of thermoplastic, the Lyre promises a greater effectiveness at minimising unwanted vibrations, handling and cable-borne noise than traditional elastic suspensions.

The VideoMic Me (pictured above) is a directional microphone designed for Apple iPhone and iPad. Featuring a TRRS connector and adjustable mount it is compatible with a range of Apple devices and can even accommodate some cases. It features a headphone jack located at the rear, to allow for monitoring and playback without removing the microphone.

Both microphones include a deluxe furry windshield and feature bodies made from aluminium, giving them a high level of RF rejection. The microphones are finished in RØDE’s ceramic anti-glare black coating.

RØDE also announced the i-XLR (pictured above), a digital XLR interface for Apple iOS devices. Used to connect professional XLR microphones to an iPhone or iPad to record audio in the field, the i-XLR allows reporters, correspondents and audio professionals to capture professional interview dialogue to an Apple smartphone or tablet.

Its design provides the user with the ability to record without accessing the mobile device, and an LED indicates the recording status (in supporting apps). A headphone jack with variable level is located on the body to allow the operator to monitor their audio during interviews, and for low-output dynamic microphones the i-XLR features a +20dB level boost.

To accompany the i-XLR, RØDE has previewed an updated version of its RØDE Rec app that supports remote record functionality for the new interface device, as well as a set of EQ presets for industry-standard interview microphones, as well as an optional ‘safety track’ that can be set at a lower level.

The manufacturer revealed that it is expanding the RØDELink range, with the launch of the ‘Newsshooter Kit’, which includes a camera-mounted transmitter and the new XLR transmitter (TX-XLR) (pictured above). It connects to handheld presentation microphones as well as shotgun microphones, with a 3.5mm input and headphone output. Providing one-touch sync with RØDELink receivers and supplying P48 phantom power, the unit can be powered by two AA batteries, a Sony MPF970 battery or continuously via Micro USB. RØDE also plans to make each of the RØDELink devices available separately, so customers can mix and match to suit their needs.

Closing out the product announcements, RØDE introduced two new professional carbon fibre boompoles: the RØDE Boompole Pro and Micro Boompole Pro, complementing the company’s existing range of aluminium poles.

The VideoMicro, Boompole Pro and Micro Boompole Pro are shipping now, and the VideoMic Me, i-XLR and RØDELink Newsshooter Kit will be available Q4 2015.