Roland To Record

Roland Systems Group has launched a new 8+2-channel portable recorder with timecode functionality. Due to be released early in 2013, the R-88 is an SDHC/SD card recorder with eight XLR I/O and the recording capability of eight main tracks plus a two channel stereo mix at 24 bit/96kHz (or tracks at 24bit/192kHz).

The unit also includes onboard effects, including limiter and low cut on each channel, and onboard mixing capability to two tracks with fader, pan, and EQ. Other available effects include six-band GEQ, Enhancer or DeEsser, and can be applied while recording or simply for monitoring/playback.

For connection to a computer, you can either use the R-88 as a removable drive from which to transferthe audio files, or you can use it as a USB audio interface, appearing to the computer as 10 individual inputs and eight individual outputs.

The R-88 can act as an SMPTE slave (with timecode regeneration on the timecode out) or as master to enable a fully synchronized video workflow. Further workflow aids include the Slate facility from onboard mic for memo recording, or Slate tone (1kHz/-20dBFS), and a jack input that allows control of play, record, rewind and more via optional single or dual footswitches.