Sennheiser firmware update brings TruVoicelift for Team ConnectCeiling 2

Sennheiser has rolled out a free firmware update that introduces TruVoicelift for TeamConnect Ceiling 2.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is a microphone ceiling array solution for conferencing audio in business and distance learning applications. Now, via the the new firmware update, it can be combined with Sennheiser’s TruVoicelift amplification system, which designed to optimised audio for classrooms, lecture halls and boardrooms. 

“We have many happy TeamConnect Ceiling 2 users across the globe, and we asked ourselves: What if they could use their existing tech for even more?” said Jens Werner, portfolio manager in Sennheiser’s business communication division. “This was the starting point for designing the latest software update which adds the TruVoicelift functionality to TeamConnect Ceiling 2. It endows the mic array with many innovative features for perfect audio all the way to the back row.”

For existing TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) implementations, users can add the TruVoicelift functionality by installing the firmware update (1.6.4) via the new version of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit app (4.3.0).

Meanwhile, new users will gain two solutions in one from the start. Depending on the size and configuration of the room, additional TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones can be installed as audience mics, creating a touchless microphone solution that reduces potential hygiene risks.

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TruVoicelift is powered by an advanced frequency shift algorithm that delivers a few extra dB of gain. It also includes a ‘feedback prevention mute’ function, whereby if levels should get too loud, TCC 2 briefly mutes to prevent feedback. During pauses in speaking, if a pre-defined audio threshold is not reached, a noise gate will be activated that mutes TeamConnect Ceiling 2 to prevent background noise from being amplified.

Werner added: “The free TruVoicelift update for TCC2 expands the feature set of the conferencing microphone array to a completely new usage scenario for both corporations and education institutions. TruVoicelift helps to establish pleasant audio levels in a room, and lets speakers be confident that they can be perfectly understood throughout the entire auditorium.”

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