Sennheiser unveils new MD 435 vocal mic

Sennheiser has lifted the lid on its new MD 435 vocal microphone, designed for use in live sound and broadcast applications. 

The MD 435 has been built to offer the performance of Sennhesier’s MD 9235 capsule to a wired vocal microphone.

“With the MD 435 cardioid high-end microphone, even soft voices will effortlessly assert themselves,” said Kai Lange, senior product manager with Sennheiser. “Singers will not only cut through the mix, their voices will also retain that natural quality and detail that the MD 9235 is so famous for.”

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The MD 435’s lightweight aluminium-copper voice coil is designed to offer fast transient response. The large-diaphragm microphone features wide dynamics of 146 dB(A) and can handle sound pressure levels of up to 163 dB/1 kHz. It also features a metal casing and has a shock-mounted capsule to protect it from structure-borne noise. A hum-compensating coil protects the microphone against electromagnetic interference.

For use with Sennheiser’s wireless transmitters, the capsule of the MD 435 is also available as the MM 435 microphone head. With what the company described as an improved production process, it will soon replace the existing MD 9235 capsule. The MM 435 features Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface, ready for use with Sennheiser wireless series ranging from the evolution wireless G4 and 2000 series to Digital 6000 and Digital 9000.