Sennheiser evolution wireless digital

Sennheiser unveils Evolution Wireless Digital series

Sennheiser is aiming to make complicated onstage wireless setups as simple as possible with its new Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D) series which brings a new app-based workflow.

“We talked with dozens of bands prior to the development of Evolution Wireless Digital,” said Oliver Schmitz, product manager for Evolution Wireless Digital. “Many band members are in fact multitasking, driving the gig bus, setting the wireless up, performing on stage, doing the accounting, the marketing, you name it. They do not want to become experts at RF, they do not want to scan a venue for open frequencies, they do not want to battle with settings. They just want something that works right away, so all they have to do is switch on and go.”

As a result, the EW-D app was developed to take the hard work out of the planning and guide users through the setup. 

The Smart Assist App feature an intelligent set-up that automatically creates reliable wireless connections. The app also includes tutorial videos for those without any wireless expertise. 

EW-D transmitters have an input dynamic range of 134 dB, five times more than the usual 120 dB. This means that they’re designed to pick up everything from a very soft whisper to a jet engine at 50 yards’ distance, eliminating the need for a sensitivity setting.

EW-D has a low latency of 1.9 milliseconds and a transmitter battery life of up to 12 hours via the rechargeable battery pack. A bandwidth of 56 MHz with up to 90 channels per band is designed to make it easy to find space even in the most crowded of RF environments.

The series includes a wide range of accessories from newly designed antennas to antenna splitters, boosters and charging sets.

“Whether you are a singer/songwriter doing your first gigs and want to use your own microphone system, or a band tech who has mics, IEMs and a mixer in one convenient rack and uses a mixing app – Evolution Wireless Digital will perfectly fit into your preferred usage scenario, no matter whether you are planning an in-person or a streamed live gig,” said Schmitz.

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital sets are available now with prices ranging from €599/£529/$599 to €999/£879/$999.

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