Solid State Logic releases Native V6 plug-ins

Solid State Logic has announced the release of SSL Native v6, replacing its Duende Native plug-in collection. 

The audio characteristics of the plug-ins remain unchanged but there have been a range of improvements which include new higher resolution user interfaces, improved Preset management, expanded purchase and subscription options to suit the needs and pockets of a wider range of users, and underlying framework changes that will ensure future support of plug-ins going forward.

The redesigned, retina display-ready user interfaces offer multiple workflow improvements that speed up production. The new graphics and enhanced feature layouts will ensure fluent, creative operation. The ChannelStrip and Bus Compressor plug-ins now have factory presets for the very first time, designed by SSL studio engineers and producers.

SSL Native v6 is available free to existing Duende Native v5 owners. SSL Native V6 and Duende Native V5 plug-ins should work side by side within your host DAW. For new users, a range of perpetual licenses are available for purchase via the SSL Webstore, and the complete SSL Native v6 Bundle is also now available on subscription for $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year via the Gobbler Platform.

The complete SSL Native v6 Bundle includes ChannelStrip, Vocalstrip, Drumstrip, Bus Compressor, X-Phase, X-EQ, X-Comp, X-ValveComp, and X-Saturator, and is available in AAX, VST3 / VST 2, and AU formats.