Soundforms to unveil world’s first mobile acoustic performance shell

Soundforms is to unveil the world’s first mobile acoustic performance shell at a special VIP event at London Docklands on 6th March 2012.

The BFLS and ARUP designed and acoustically tested structure, which is designed to revolutionise open air concerts, is to be demonstrated by some of the world’s top musicians before a small audience of VIP guests and key figures and performers from across the music industry.

The new London-based company is behind the world-class consortium that has designed and built the acoustic shell. Conductor and producer Mark Stephenson conceived the idea and formed the company in 2009 alongside Jason Flanagan and Paul Bavister of BFLS, Ian Knowles of Arup Acoustic and Olly Watts of ES Global.

Financially the backbone of the company has been bolstered by the recent addition of Robin Rowland Hill of Beer and Partners, who has now been named director of the company.

Taking to the stage at the launch show will be violinists Charlie Siem and Nicola Benedetti, accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, to demonstrate the shell’s natural on-stage acoustics and sound projection. Guests will also be treated to short performances by ECM artist and BBC jazz ‘legend’ saxophonist Iain Bellamy, and classical pianist Grace Francis, segued with sonic intermissions and bridges by DJ’s Gabriel Prokofiev and Jem Panufnik.

The design team was faced with the challenge of designing and building a transportable, outdoor stage with optimised sound quality for classical music performances, whilst also vastly improving broadcast quality. Subsequently, the team devised the concept of a shell comprising an aluminium structure clad on the outside with an inflatable skin and on the inside with a precision formed paneling system. Furthermore, the shell, which is produced in three sizes, was manufactured by Total Solutions Group, the company that built George Michael’s recent “Symphonica” tour staging.