Soundspot introduces ‘complete overhaul’ of plug-in with MSW2 update

Soundspot has announced its popular MSW1 stereo expander plug-in has had an update – in the form of the MSW2. 

The single band mono maker plug-in has had a complete overhaul in terms of code, interface and creativity, and can be used subtly in the mix or pushed to the extreme to achieve a host of creative possibilities in the stereo field.

The MSW2 has received a complete overhaul in the stereo enhancer and mono maker algorithm, and now includes two independent bands which allow you to alter the stereo information based on frequency crossover. This allows you greater control of the stereo field, resulting in tighter mixes.

The stereo width graph (pictured) shows you the real-time stereo width of your track, over a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. It uses a short-time fourier transform to continuously analyse and compare the amount of mid and side information in your track, plotting the stereo width independent of your track’s volume.

Because the fourier transform has much less resolution in the low-end than in the high end, the graph gets more accurate as you move up along the frequency spectrum, just like other fourier based graphs like the spectrum analyser of an EQ, or the spectrogram of a restoration plug-in. Getting a visual representation of how the stereo information in your track is distributed over the frequency spectrum, allows you to identify any frequency ranges or mix elements that need their stereo image adjusted, and gives you more control over your mix as a whole.

It’s being offered for an introductory price of £39.95 – or upgrade from MSW1 for £9.95. Click here to buy.