Spitfire Audio expands Originals series with The Beatles’ Mrs Mills piano from Abbey Road

Spitfire Audio has teamed up with Abbey Road Studios to add a piece of rock’n’roll history to its lineup.

The distinctive sound of the so-called Mrs Mills piano, a 1905 Steinway made famous by The Beatles, has been added to Spitfire’s Originals range, a series of sample libraries that make rare and classic instruments available to musicians and producers all over the world. 

Recorded in Abbey Road’s famous Studio Two, where The Beatles made the vast majority of their music, the Originals Mrs Mills Piano plug-in has been meticulously sampled from the historic instrument. 

The new plug-in has already been given the nod by a man who knows the piano well. Former Beatle and music icon Sir Paul McCartney said: “Really exciting for me to hear Spitfire’s sampling of what we used to call Mrs Mills piano from Abbey Road. It’s great to have it on my computer.”

Named in homage to British pianist Gladys Mills, who known for her singalong music hall numbers, the Mrs Mills piano has resided at Abbey Road since 1931. It features on many of the Beatles’ songs, most notably on Penny Lane and With A Little Help From My Friends.

With its lacquer-hardened hammers, the famous piano has an unmistakably bright, metallic tone that’s full of character and charm.

Spitfire has previously collaborated with the studio to produce the Abby Road One range, which features orchestral samples recorded in Studio One where many of the world’s most famous movie scores were recorded.


The Originals Mrs Mill Piano plug-in is available with a price tag of £29/€29/$29.