Spitfire Audio partners with Warp Records duo Darkstar on plugin library

Spitfire Audio has confirmed a creative collaboration with Warp Records electronic duo Darkstar on a new plugin library dubbed Haunted House.

The Haunted House plugins library features 44 presets, including SYNTHS (analogue-sounding layered synth textures, from sub-basses and pads through to analogue- sounding synths); VO1CES (processed vocal samples); FOUND SOUND (gnarly textural ‘London’ sounds); RVVM (deep, lo-fi drums and percussion loops); and W4PRD (synth sounds warped by Spitfire Audio developers from the source material). 

Elsewhere, REL34SE changes the amount of release triggered that is heard); 4 ETERNITY reverb control; REP 4 ME controls the amount of delay being added; R LUV BOO controls the speed of the sample playback; and MIST N FLEX controls the amount of flanger being added.

Haunted House is available as an AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-compatible plug-in supporting Native Instruments’ NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) and Windows (7, 8, and 10 — latest Service Pack) that loads directly into any compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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Explaining the origins of the Haunted House library, Darkstar’s James Young commented: “London was a home for everything that birthed Darkstar, but slowly those things stopped and faded into the background and it became a ghost of the past — a shell of itself — and I started to think of it somewhat as a haunted house, with all the great things there but not there. Just echoes of the goodness — what it once was. 

“We’ve never really been about the technical aspect of making music; it’s always been the intangibles — the things that bleed into recording from the everyday things you do. Haunted House is those sounds that creep around and lie in the periphery. The edges of each sound blur, because that’s how we like them — noise and all.”