Steinberg launches WaveLab Cast editing software for podcasts and social media

German brand Steinberg is bringing its WaveLab software to content creators, with a focus on podcasts and social media.

The new WaveLab Cast audio editing software has been designed so that’s easy enough for beginners to use, but equally useful for professionals. 

Aimed at making it as simple as possible to produce quality recordings, WaveLab Cast enables users to import recordings from a handheld recorder or similar device, or simply record directly from their audio interface into the software. The software supports up to 96 kHz audio in 32 bit.

WaveLab Cast features a customisable interface with drag and drop editing along with VST plug-in support, along with a wide range of editing tools. 

The clean effects section enables content creators to clean up recording, whether that’s reducing background noise or banishing harsh sibilance. 

The enhance section offers easy-to-use tweaks to boost tone and clarity of voiceovers while visual level meters and a spectrometer make it easy to keep levels and frequencies under control.

Once recorded sound is polished, music and other effects can easily be added to podcasts. What’s more, WaveLab Cast links directly to five different podcast publishers, including SoundCloud, so that episodes can be uploaded quickly and easily.

For new customers, a full version of the WaveLab Cast software costs £60 ($83) while existing customers can upgrade for £17 ($24).