Studer OnAir 3000 controls trimedial Zambo broadcast

Swiss Broadcaster Zambo has chosen Studer’s OnAIr 3000 console to serve as the main control for its multimedia world for children.

Aimed for kids aged seven to 13, viewers are taken on a trimedial discovery trip, via television, radio and online. Studio 30 on the Brunnenhofstrasse in Zurich was designed with a Studer OnAir 3000 mixing console at its core for the programme.

Broadcast in SF2, DRS 1 and on the Internet, the technical requirements of the set were quite demanding and required the combination of workflows for production, studio direction and editing purposes. Installation project manager Thomas Wochner, from broadcast service provider TPC, specified a self-operated broadcast system, which handles the daily Zambo radio programme, as well as the remotely-controlled cameras and automated web content feed.

The innovative output control allows both the playout of pre-produced material as well as live footage. The studio cameras are controlled from the radio broadcast control room, making possible live audio-visual streaming to the Internet during the radio broadcast. The Studer OnAir 300o is in place for use in both studio and control room. The central SCore drives 42 faders — 24 for camera direction and 18 in the self-op studio.

In addition to the SCore engine, there are two further sets of Studer I/O Frames, one in the central engine room and the other one in a local studio rack. The Studer Call Management System (CMS) and a DigaSystem Broadcast system have been carefully integrated; for call-ins and telephony infrastructure the Zambo studio infrastructure is networked to the central CMS at Brunnenhofstrasse, which is hub for all SRF’s radio programmes.