Studio Technologies introduces Model 5414 interface

Studio Technologies has revealed the Model 5414, a mic/line input and line output interface designed to provide a ‘simple yet high-performance’ means of interfacing analogue signals with applications that utilise Dante audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology.

The Model 5414 allows four microphone or line-level sources to be connected to the unit for conversion to digital and then output via Dante. Gain, high-pass filtering and P48 phantom power can be selected as required to optimise audio performance, while four signals arriving by way of Dante can be converted to analogue and then output as balanced line-level signals. A monitor section allows the input and output signals to be selectively observed using meters and a headphone output.

The unit is designed for use in demanding on-air broadcast and live-event applications, appropriate for installation in fixed locations, while its lightweight enclosure also makes it suitable for mobile and field uses.

The Model 5414 can serve as an “edge” device for a Dante network implementation, providing input, output and monitor resources for applications that need a limited number of channels. It can also serve as a general-purpose tool to help expand Dante capabilities to facilities and applications that were initially implemented to support signals in the analogue domain.

“We continue to add and refine our line of Dante-enabled products to meet the increasing demand for specialised audio-over-Ethernet solutions,” said Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Use of Audinate’s Dante protocol is growing rapidly in the broadcast, corporate, installation and live sound markets. Studio Technologies continues to support these areas with new products based on customer feedback, with the Model 5414 being one of the latest examples.”

Since 2013, Studio Technologies has embraced the audio-over-Ethernet movement, developing a range of Dante-enabled products that offer solutions for broadcast, production, commercial and government applications.