Studiomaster ships new LIVESYS5 micro-PA

Studiomaster has announced it is now shipping the new LIVESYS5 portable micro-PA and stage monitor throughout Europe.

Measuring 290 x 210 x 175mm and weighing in at 3.3kg, the 150W self-powered speaker system with integrated mixer is a highly versatile solution for all manner of "carry-on" performance, playback, presentation and public address applications.

In addition, the LIVESYS5 can be used as a stage-monitor system – either floor-standing or up close – thanks to the supplied mic stand mounting kit for drummers and percussionists, keyboard players, solo instrumentalists and singers or DJs.

The class-D powered 5in speaker system provides 150W continuous and 300W peak power, featuring a low noise 3-channel mixer section with two mic/line inputs on XLR (balanced) / TRS (unbalanced) combo connectors and a line input on stereo phono or 35mm jack connectors. 3-band EQ, switchable 48V phantom power and on-board effect are all included.

A rear-mounted XLR/TRS input allows for the connection of a stage monitor signal, while an XLR ‘thru’ output is mic/line level selectable (with switchable phantom power) to enable supply of mic or line signal from the LIVESYS5 to a FOH mixer, or to feed a further monitor speaker.

With a street price of £139, the LIVESYS5 is ‘uniquely feature/price competitive in the micro-PA product sector. Studiomaster says.

“Expanding our portable PA range is a key element in increasing our presence in the MI market,” said Studiomaster general manager (and sales and marketing manager) Patrick Almond. “Products like the LIVESYS5 are key in opening up new opportunities for us; being so versatile, the LIVESYS5 offers more than just a portable PA, it is also designed for personal monitoring, using the included mic stand mounting kit.

“The first shipment of the LIVESYS5 has now landed in the UK, and we are shipping the back orders. LIVESYS5 follows on the terrific success of other latest PA products, the CLUBXS mixer series and DRIVE powered speaker series. These products are rapidly re-establishing a clear and cohesive product portfolio for Studiomaster that is improving brand recognition.”