SZMG TV Network upgrades studios with Harman

Shenzhen, China’s SZMG TV Network recently increased the audio and mixing capabilities of its two studios. Contractor Anheng Li Company installed a Harman Studer OnAir 3000 digital console in each studio to boost audio quality and capacity. The consoles were supplied by Harman’s distributor Advanced Communication Equipment (ACE).

The Studer OnAir 3000 console is equipped with 30 motorised faders, three master faders, and the Studer SCore Live processing engine connected to a D21m I/O audio interface system. With the addition of a GPIO card, the OnAir 3000 console can support up to 16 channels, which enable audio and video functionality to be used in two live studio shows and broadcasting programs. According to the operators, this feature reduced the SZMG TV Network’s workload considerably.

The OnAir 3000’s snapshot recall ability helps broadcast multiple news programs, sports broadcasts, and guest programs by switching between different mixer settings. Each profile can be loaded onto the 33 faders for control over the audio signals.

The OnAir 3000 five-second delay function allows the operator to cope with a variety of screen time delay conditions.