Tascam releases the DA-3000

Aimed at recording studios, post-production suites and broadcasters, the DA-3000’s high-quality dual-mono Burr Brown PCM4202 Analogue to Digital (AD) converter and Burr Brown PCM1795 Digital to Analogue (DA) converter enables very high sampling rates of up to 192 kHz (PCM) and 5.6 MHz (DSD).

Featuring a clock accuracy of 1 ppm and low jitter with crystal direct system, the DA-3000’s digital circuit is exceptional at the price. TASCAM has also payed significant attention to the analogue stages too with the latest low-noise, high accuracy resistors, an audio-grade transformer and high-quality OP-Amp, all designed to get the most from every recording.

For multi-track duties, a cascade connection system has been incorporated featuring high-precision clock synchronisation for four units, giving up to 8-channels of simultaneous recording and playback operation. Combined with its high reliability and durability thanks to the lack of any moving parts and its use of easily-available SD/SDHC and CF solid-state media, the DA-3000 is ideally placed to cover a multitude of recording and playback functions.