TC upgrades System 6000 MKII with application-specific versions

Originally launched in 1999, the original System 6000 has been widely used for reverb and dynamics processing. TC has continued to develop new algorithms for the platform and in 2010, an updated MKII version of the hardware was released.

“Over the years, we have developed so many new tools for this platform that our customers started to configure the system themselves for all kinds of applications. It even found its way into broadcast production and OB vans when we ported our LM6 Loudness Radar Meter to the platform,” says Thomas Lund, CTO for broadcast and production at TC Electronic.

“Therefore, we decided to create application-specific versions of the system to make it as easy as possible for the mixing and recording engineer, the mastering engineer, the film mixing engineer and the broadcast engineer to find the best possible starting point.”

Music 6000 comes fully loaded with both the Multichannel and Stereo Reverb licenses as well as the Stereo Mastering license, which holds the legendary MD3 and MD4 multiband compressors as well as Brickwall Limiter 2. Also included with this license is Matrix 88, a digital 8-channel summing mixer that features upsampled limiting, 48 bit summing, accurate delays and bit transparency. On top of this, TC also added its LM6 Loudness Radar Meter.

Film 6000 holds the Multichannel and Stereo Reverb licenses plus a brand new 8-channel reverb, "Rev8". Each frame even runs Rev8 twice, thereby comprising the industry’s first true 16-channel reverb, perfect for high channel cinema formats such as Dolby Atmos and Auro. Also new is the AM6 Annoyance Radar Meter that complies with the TASA standard, and the industry-standard UnWrap HD algorithm, which converts any stereo or LtRt source to a full-blown 5.1 surround signal.

Mastering 6000 includes Multichannel and Stereo Mastering licenses, comprised of MDX 5.1, MD 5.1, EQ 5.1, Toolbox 5.1, MD4, MD3, Brickwall Limiter 2 and Matrix 88. The new version also comes with UnWrap HD, LM6, MDW HiRes EQ by George Massenburg, and VP8 for multichannel pitch correction and modulation.

Lastly, announced last month at IBC, Broadcast 6000 is optimised for production with broadcast in mind and comes full equipped with the LM6 Loudness Radar Meter, ALC6 Automatic Loudness Control, UnWrap HD, Dmix, AM6, plus a wide range of dynamics algorithms, EQ, and surround tools.