Time For An Upgrade

Yamaha has released a major upgrade to the firmware for its CL series digital mixing consoles. CL Series Firmware V1.5 has been developed, Yamaha say, in response to comments and ‘wish lists’ from CL series users. New features include Scene Preview – pressing the Preview key allows the user to view (and if necessary, edit and re-store) any other scene. While doing this the scene number blinks red as a reminder that the console is in Preview mode. A new Cue Level parameter allows the user to control cue level independently from monitor level. The cue level can be assigned to custom faders and user defined knobs, meaning monitor engineers have better access to monitoring both IEM and wedge levels – much like the PM5D.

A -6dB high pass filter on input parametric EQs allows a gentler slope of HPF to be selected, while a Device Mount page has been added to the Dante Setup function, making it easy and flexible to configure the CL system, even when offline, with up to 24 devices able to be mounted in any preferred order. A Remote Head Amp Assign page has been added, allowing the user to assign any eight head devices from 24 mounted devices, while a new Console ID OFF button has been added for use with more than four consoles. The Dante Setup facility also now sees the I/O Rack and External Head Amp pages in the Virtual Rack section moved to the new I/O device section.

User can detect and patch the new Ri8-D/Ro8-D input/output units direct from the CL series console, control the Ri8-D’s analogue gain and have the benefits of full gain compensation from both new units. The CL series console can also now detect and patch Yamaha Nuage I/O, MTX5-D matrix processor and XMV-D digital power amplifiers, Nexo NXAMP and the Dante MY16-AUD and Dante Accelerator interfaces.