Toronto rock radio station opts for Avid S3L

Canadian radio station 102.1 The Edge has chosen Avid’s S3L compact live mixing system to power its popular on-air performances.

Based at the Corus Quay building in Toronto, 102.1 The Edge broadcasts multiple live concert performances each month in addition to its regular programming.

Its studio has hosted an array of artists, from budding local acts to Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons and more.

The station had outgrown its old analogue system, and was keen to upgrade its facility. Michael Emmons mixes most of the station’s live performances and oversaw the project. For him, the new solution needed to have the flexibility to support various events throughout the studio, and integrate with the on-air system. Emmons eventually picked an Avid S3L for its sound quality, portability, flexibility, and compatibility with parent company Corus Entertainment’s existing infrastructure. For on-air broadcast, the S3L feeds directly into Corus’ AES-based Wheatstone system.

“We now have the ability to keep the signal AES all the way from the live stage right through to the transmitter, which is incredible – how many stations can say that?” said Emmons, who was immediately impressed by the S3L’s sound quality.

“The first band we had on [stage], the team and I had to blink the first time we sent [the sound] to air – we couldn’t believe how different the tonality sounded from our old analogue board. It sounds crazy, but the S3L has added a third dimension to the sound. We were just floored by the tonality and acoustic response that it provided as it sounds truly amazing.”

Corus’ media team films videos of all the live performances, so seamless integration with Pro Tools was another reason to choose the Avid system. “Having the S3L and Pro Tools gives us the ability to easily capture and archive individual channels for remixing,” Emmons continued. “We also have five studios using Avid C|24 consoles for radio post production. We can capture whatever we do in a live setting on Pro Tools, then transfer the files over the network and remix/fix whatever we did on the live stage in a proper controlled setting.

“I know that Avid systems are standard for the types of bands that come through the Corus Quay facility. To have these high-profile bands providing us their VENUE show files before they even get here, and to have the on-air show ready to go before they arrive, is an advantage and benefit for us.’”

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